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Cruise Greece Yachts - Discover Greece

Corfu on a Cruise Yacht

According to legend, Poseidon fell in love with the nymph Korkyra, abducted her and brought her to an island, which he named after her. Corfu, the jewel of the Ionian Sea, is waiting to be discovered on your Greece cruise. Visit its beautiful sandy beaches on your charter yacht and explore the town of Corfu with its rich history.

Cruise Greece Yachts - Santorini yachting

Santorini - Preferred Cruising Destination

Charter a yacht in the impressive Santorini in the south of the Cyclades! Discover the most amazing black and red sand beaches in Greece, picturesque towns such as Fira, built on a cliff with its white cubic houses or Oia with its unforgettable sunsets and interesting architecture.

Cruise Greece Yachts - sailing destination Rhodes

Cruising to Rhodes

Most famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, this beautiful island has much more to offer on a cruise in Greece. It is one of the most popular Greek yacht charter destinations, due to its astonishing beaches in the Aegean Sea and the rich history of its towns. Discover all the amazing archeological sites on your Greece cruise!

Top Spots for Yacht Cruise in Greece

Greece, home to four seas and thousands of islands along its fabulous coast, is one of the top destinations for a sailing journey. Its many small bays and coves, sandy beaches and pebbly shores, together with clean and transparent waters without many swimmers offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a yachts cruise in Greece.

Cruise Greece and discover marvelous places such as Athens, Corfu, Kos, Lefkas, Samos, Skiathos or Syros!

Athens, the capital of Greece, offers you a glimpse of its glorious history as the birthplace of civilization and the city of democracy and wise men. It is also very famous for its rich nightlife with numerous entertainment options.

Corfu, with its mild Mediterranean climate and spectacular beaches is a popular destination for a yacht cruise through Greece. It is characterized by the clash of Greek, Roman, Venetian and French cultures which make the architecture and the entire layout of the town very interesting. Today it is a mixture of a cosmopolitan city and ancient Greek tradition.

A cruise in Greece should not go without visiting Kos, the third largest island after Rhodes and Karpathos, which boasts a turbulent history and rich culture brought by different civilizations and empires. Kos is also the birthplace of Hipocrates, the father of medicine. Today, Kos is a modern town with many excellent hotels, holiday apartments, bars and night clubs.

Cruising yachts in Greece are especially convenient for a visit to Lefkas, an astonishingly beautiful island with white cliffs, peaceful villages and secluded beaches. Summertime there is hot, but breezes cool it and keep it dry. The water is crystal clear and changes color from deep blue to emerald.

Samos, in the East Aegean Sea, is one of the major tourist attractions in Greece, due to its interesting history, beautiful beaches, modern hotels and rich culture.

The small island of Skiathos has more than 60 beaches and offers a wide range of holiday activities, such as excursions, numerous sports activities and rich nightlife. There are also two lakes on the island, located close to the town.

Syros, the administrative, commercial, intellectual and cultural center of the Cyclades, provides an interesting combination of untypical architecture, natural beauty and famous Greek hospitality.

Of course, there are many other places in Greece worth visiting and what better way to see them all than a yacht cruise. Embark on the journey of a lifetime!


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