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Cruise on a Gulet in Greece

Find Your Perfect Gulet in Greece

Gulets are a perfect option for a relaxed cruise in Greece. When chartering a gulet, first think about the number of people coming with you and the budget at your disposal. There are two types of charter - private gulet charter and cabin charter. Private charter is ideal if you are taking your friends with you and the entire service is tailored to all your cruise needs - from menu to itinerary. On the other hand, you can also charter single cabins, which is a cheaper and more practical alternative to chartering the whole gulet if your party is not as large. That way you get to meet new people, but you do not get to choose your itinerary or the menu. Ask your agency to help you find just the right gulet to take you on an adventure of a lifetime in Greece.

Culinary experience on a charter gulet

Enjoy Greek Cuisine Aboard a Gulet

Since gulets come fully crewed, you will get a chef preparing all the meals on your cruise. Aboard a gulet in Greece, you will get the opportunity to try the best dishes Greek cuisine has to offer. If you choose the private charter option, you can get the menu tailored to your wishes and dietary preferences. Just like in other cuisines of the Mediterranean, the menus of the Greek cuisine include lots of fresh fish and seafood, olive oil, cheese, vegetables and interesting spices. Try the traditional moussaka with eggplant and meat, the souvlaki or gyros, or indulge in one of the delicious pitas or tasty desserts such as baklava. On your cruise in Greece, you should also try traditional Greek wines or the famous ouzo (anise-flavored liquor).

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