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Yacht Cruises in the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea - sailing season

Sailing Season in the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Islands are one of the most popular sailing regions in Greece not only because of their natural beauty, but also because of very pleasant sailing conditions. For the best cruising experience aboard a yacht in the Ionian, here is some useful information. Ionian Islands experience less severe winds in summer months than e.g. the Aegean. The predominant wind in the summer is the north-west maistro, weaker in strength but more stable than the meltemi. Southern winds blow in September, October and April, mainly in the afternoon. So in order to explore all the beauties of the Ionian Islands aboard your charter yacht, go cruising around Corfu, Lefkas, Ithaka or Zakynthos in the period from June to September.

The Ionian Sea - sailing destinations

Popular Sailing Destinations in the Ionian Sea

What better way to explore the Ionian Islands than aboard a cruising yacht? Charter a yacht and visit the amazing Corfu island with its two lakes, Korission and Antinioti, and a pleasant sailing climate. The center of the island, Corfu Town, features an architectural mix of Venetian, classical and British colonial styles. Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is best known for its limestone mountains and beautiful beaches. A narrow passage separates it from Ithaka, the mythical island of Odysseus. Lefkas is a popular yacht cruise destination due to its sandy beaches and amazing sea-caves. Zakynthos, the southernmost of the Ionian Islands, features the famous Blue Grotto. Explore the beauties of Greece on a charter yacht! 

Other top charter spots

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